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Shellfish Hatchery Systems Ltd offer consultancy services and training.

Shellfish Hatchery Systems Ltd. has identified the need not only for innovative design to make juvenile lobster production cost-effective, but also for the training and education of managers and staff in new developments in the industry.

Shellfish Hatchery Systems Ltd. has over 20 years’ collective experience in hatchery development and deployment, and is currently developing new incubator systems and cost-effective on-growing units, in addition to the revolutionary Aquahive.

Aquahive in Norsk Hummer Lobster Hatchery

Areas of consultancy include:

Feasibility studies eg: choosing the optimum location for the siting of the lobster hatchery facility; defining the parameters for the lobster hatchery facility (production only or connected to visitor attractions, etc); evaluation of potential of the local lobster fishery, including socio-economic factors.

Design and build of lobster hatcheries from the ground up or the adaptation of existing facilities.

Set-up of systems and provision of initial supervisory assistance to help run the facility.

Development of strategies to deploy juvenile lobsters effectively to the fishery including methods of monitoring re-captures at adult stage.

Assistance with research projects.

lobsters from larvae to juvenile with Aquahive and Hatchery in a Box


Shellfish Hatchery systems Ltd. are providers of on-site lobster hatchery training.

Hands-on training for hatchery managers, and technical personnel.

Training for fishermen and others in the deployment of juvenile lobsters to the fishery.

lobsters from larvae to juvenile with Aquahive and Hatchery in a Box

Species of crustacea

European Lobster (Homarus gammarus)
American Lobster (Homarus americanus)

In development:
Langoustine, Norway Lobster, Dublin Bay Prawn (Nephrops norvegicus)
Spiny Lobster sp (Palinuridae)